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About Our Company: We Help You Fight Traffic Tickets in Manitoba

At Traffic Ticket Experts, our goal is to help Manitoba drivers who are faced with traffic tickets and driving penalties. Whether or not you’re guilty, we have the knowledge to save you money, protect your record and get you back out on the road.


Traffic Ticket Experts was founded in Winnipeg by Len Eastoe, who was a police officer for 12 years before leaving his job to become Manitoba's first traffic court agent and help people fight traffic tickets. He’s been a traffic court agent for 25 years, since 1991. Len is the most experienced agent in Manitoba, and Traffic Ticket Experts is the province’s largest and most seasoned company in our field. Cases that we have successfully argued now form the base of speeding ticket case law in Manitoba.


Whenever there is an important case in traffic court that hits the media, Len is usually the expert that the media goes to for information and comments. CTV's W5 program has interviewed him regarding traffic ticket issues in Canada and here in Manitoba.

Get knowledge and experience on your side – contact Len and the Traffic Ticket Experts team today.


Contact our team of knowledgeable professionals for help fighting traffic tickets

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