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Our Traffic Ticket Services: Avoid Driver’s Licence Suspension in Manitoba

In the Manitoba legal system, knowledge is power! When you’re facing a traffic ticket, a traffic court agent can help you to reduce your penalties and retain your licence. At Traffic Ticket Experts in Winnipeg, our experienced team – including former police officers – are well-versed in Manitoba's legal system and can help you fight for the best outcome possible regarding your traffic tickets and tickets from accidents throughout Manitoba.


Manitoba Public Insurance may call drivers in due to convictions or collisions appearing on their driving record. An agent from Traffic Ticket Experts can assist you in defending yourself. This hearing takes place before your licence has been suspended, and we want to do whatever we can to prevent you from getting a licence suspension.


If your licence has been suspended, you still have options! Appeal your suspension with help from an experienced agent from Traffic Ticket Experts. You may be able to get a conditional driver’s licence. The cost to file an appeal with the Licence Suspension Appeal Board is $130 (plus our rates). See the Government of Manitoba’s website to learn more about the appeal process.


Manitoba Public Insurance uses a system of demerit points to determine your Driver Safety Rating. For example, not obeying a traffic sign bumps you down 2 levels on the scale, while leaving the scene of an accident knocks you down 10 levels. Your Driver Safety Rating has 36 possible levels, and a good score can give you savings on vehicle premiums and driver's licence premiums. (See the rates at Manitoba Public Insurance’s website) Whether you’re guilty or innocent, we can help you get rid of the demerit points on your record.

Don’t go into your traffic ticket hearing unprepared – call Traffic Ticket Experts today.


Contact our team of knowledgeable professionals for help fighting traffic tickets

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